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You won't believe the convenience of our "One-Stop-Shop"! Some prescriptions can be filled on-site. No more waiting at the pharmacy with sick kids! We also have many commonly needed over-the-counter medicines at unbeatable prices; children's pain relievers and fever reducers, allergy and cough medications and more! Head straight home after your visit and get those little ones in bed!



Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals are now available at After-Hours Pediatrics for middle and high school students. The purpose of the sports physical is to determine if it is safe to participate in a particular sport or activity. It is not a replacement for well-care visits with your primary care doctor. Sports physicals are typically not reimbursed by insurance companies. The cost of the exam is $50 and it will not be submitted to insurance. Walk-in anytime during our hours of operation.


Tdap boosters are available at After-Hours Pediatrics. "Shot-only" visits can be done for kids 10 years of age and older who require a Tdap booster.



Radiology Policy

We do not have radiology facilities on-site. If an x-ray is needed of the hand, wrist, arm, ankle, or foot we will write a prescription for an x-ray to be done as an outpatient at a nearby radiology department. You will drive to have the x-ray taken, and return with the films for an initial reading. We then place the appropriate splint. The time to complete the films and return back is usually about 1 hour. For this reason we do not offer this service after 7:00pm M-F or after 3:00pm on Saturday or Sunday.



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